T4T Flag

What is T4T? It stands for Trans For Trans, and is meant to represent transgender people in relationships / attracted to other fellow trans people! I created this Flag to represent this, for the Trans community! Click the buttons below the flag to learn about the Usage of this flag and the Symbolism of its design!This design was created in 2021 (debuted 2022) by trans artist PJ Goff 💙

Usage of T4T Flag

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🏳️⚧️ The T4T (transgender for transgender) flag & chevron addition that I, PJ Goff, designed (pictured above) is FREE for both personal and commercial use. You do not need to seek permission for any use of the flag. It belongs, first and foremost, to the trans community. I will never require payment or permission for anybody to use it.
I strongly encourage artists, especially trans artists, to use the flag and its color scheme and/or chevron addition within their art if they want to. I also strongly encourage artists, especially trans artists, to sell art, crafts, and merchandise based on or using the t4t flag and/or chevron if they wish. Check out the Symbolism page for more info on the design!
🏳️⚧️ Businesses, especially small businesses, should not feel any hesitation in using the t4t flag design. HOWEVER, I strongly encourage cis (non-trans) and non-LGBT businesses to make a donation to a charity that supports members of the community. I will list some below (at the bottom of this page).
🏳️⚧️ The only commercial use of the t4t flag that I dislike (but cannot prevent) is posting the image of the t4t flag, unedited, on the websites Redbubble.com, Society6.com, and Threadless.com. This is because I myself sell products with just the plain t4t flag on them and as a trans/t4t artist struggling financially, I need the support. HOWEVER, using the t4t flag in artwork and various designs is not included in this; I encourage it!
🏳️⚧️ Furthermore, if you have used the design in any artwork or product, I would love to see it! Tag me in it or send me a link to your online store (I will include my social media below).
🏳️⚧️ Please be respectful when using the flag- not just to me, but to the whole transgender community. Please do NOT include the flag in any content that sexualizes minors or is discriminatory or offensive to any race, sexual orientation, or gender. The flag was created to be inclusive and supportive of ALL trans people. This includes trans people t4t or not, straight t4t/trans people, people who are nonbinary, including trans people who use pronouns other than she/her, he/him, and they/them. Please make sure that if you use the t4t flag, you are not using it in a way that goes against the core values around which it was created.

Note: This usage page heavily references the wording of the usage for the Lesbian Flag made by Emily Gwen, Please check out that page as well!

Below are some trans and LGBT+ organizations and resources that you could consider donating to or supporting, especially if you are creating merchandise and/or profiting off of use of the t4t flag and are not part of the trans community. Thank you! 🏳️⚧️💙

Color Symbolism of the T4T Flag

The t4t flag I created contains two parts; the horizontal stripes across the flag, and the pointed chevron pattern on the side. The horizontal stripes are the same as the Transgender Pride Flag created by Monica Helms in 1999 (and first shown at a Phoenix, AZ pride Parade in 2000). The T4T flag is meant to build on this original flag and to still be recognizably for the Trans Community!The Chevrons add to it, and is similar colors; a more saturated blue to represent the deep connection within the trans community, and the saturated pink to represent the intensity of love and passion. The Chevrons are meant to feel Strong and point inward onto the flag showing the focus on the community. The following images and sections elaborate more!The t4t Chevrons can also be added to other pride flags to represent more specific identities or relationships that are also t4t, such as t4t gay, t4t lesbian, t4t bisexual, t4t straight, or anything more! Feel free to read up the Usage page for more info and I encourage using this! Examples of these edits:

Color/Shape Meaning:

━ Blue Horizontal Stripes: Represents Masculinity and "the traditional color for baby boys" (Helms, 1999)

━ Pink Horizontal Stripes: Represents Femininity and "the traditional color for baby girls" (Helms, 1999)

━ White Horizontal Stripe: Represents Non-Binary Genders, "those who are transitioning, feel they have a neutral gender, and/or no gender" (Helms, 1999)

> Blue Chevron: Represents the Deepness of Connection transgender people have for one another

> Pink Chevron: Represents Intensity of Love and Passion trans people have for themselves and others

► White Chevron (Triangle): Represents the Solidarity and Community trans people have together